Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools, Tahmoor Gorge Bushwalk.  

Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools, Tahmoor Gorge Bushwalk snapshot:

Distance: 10km loop.
Where: Charlies Point Rd, Bargo.
Difficulty: Mermaid Pools Medium, Tahmoor Gorge Hard.
Rating: 5 Stars

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  • Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Bushwalk.

    Tahmoor Gorge

    Tahmoor Gorge

    The Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge bushwalk is nothing short of spectacular. Mermaid Pools is the main attraction with a large waterhole and the Bargo River forming a nice waterfall to provide the finishing touches. This is a very scenic spot and most people finish up here and head back. The track for this section would be rated medium and is about a 5km return journey.

    If you’ve come this far I’d highly recommend checking out Tahmoor Gorge as well. This is another hidden gem in this park of the world. You walk right through the Tahmoor canyon which is absolutely amazing. The shearing cliffs are something to see and there are plenty more waterholes along the way.

    The Tahmoor Gorge track loops around and you end up on top of the gorge which gives you a birds eye view of Mermaid pools. A word of warning, this part of the hike is well and truly on the hard side. The track is hard to follow. However there are enough pink and yellow markers to allow you to find your way. The total trek took us about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

    I highly recommend Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge. An absolute fantastic bushwalk.


  • Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Bushwalk trail Map.

    I’ve taken down the trail map of Mermaid Pools at the request of the cultural and heritage office. They are concerned about the number of injuries at the site due to people jumping in. Below is their email.


    Warning about Mermaid Pools


    please note that the only way in is by jumping off a cliff (around 20m high) and the only way out is via a make-shift rope next to the waterfall. Swimming in this hole is therefore considered dangerous and there have been injuries and even fatalities in the past. Do a quick Google search and you will find several serious incidents.

    Jumping into the pool is NOT allowed and is entirely at your own risk. Also note that there is no phone reception in the area. it is also a culturally Significant area to the aboriginal community we are asking you to please consider taking mermaid pools and the walking track off google maps to prevent any more fatalities i have previously emailed apple support in regards to removing it from apple maps and they have adhered to it by removing it from there maps so please just consider it as there are over 50 people that go there daily any questions you may have please dont hesitate to give me a call on ……. cultural & heritage officer of the area.

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