Lower Escarpment Trail

Lower Escarpment Trail


Lower Escarpment Trail snapshot:
Distance: 5km return.
Where: Start at Bulli Pass.
Difficulty: Medium.
Rating: 3 and a half Stars
2.5/5 - (4 votes)


  • Lower Escarpment Trail Bushwalk.

    The Lower Escarpment trail combined with the Highlands Parade Trail offers around 5km of bushwalking tracks. The walk offers extremely lush forest and you can get ocean views along the way. There are some step hills to walk up which will get the heart pounding.

    For a more challenging walk along the Illawarra Escarpment see the Sublime Point walk which is around 15km.


    Google Map Link. To get there go up Bulli Pass about half way. Just below that really tight bend. If you know Bulli pass you’ll understand what I mean.


  • Lower Escarpment Trail Map.

    Below is a map of the Lower Escarpment Trail and the Highlands Parade Trail.

    Lower Escarpment Trail

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    Lower Escarpment Trail -34.320968, 150.896358 Lower Escarpment Trail.Lower Escarpment Trail snapshot:Distance: 5km return.Where: Start at Bulli Pass.Difficulty: Medium.Rating: 3 and a half Stars
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     by Jacko
    Lower Escarpment Fire Trail

    After just 1km from Bulli Pass the fire trail crosses onto a coal mining property.
    This is as far as you can go without trespassing and risking prosecution.

    From the other end, the fire trail is now closed to the public.
    Definitely a not recommended..

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