Japan – A 10 Day Itinerary 

Time of Year to go.

Japan offers different sorts of holiday’s depending on the time of year you go. The list below contains Japan’s seasons and recommended times to visit:

Spring – March to May.

You’ll have a great chance of seeing the Cherry blossom during April.

Summer – June to August.

Autumn – September to November. 

Sep – 23C to 28C

Oct – 19C to 23C

Nov – 14C to 18C

Winter – December to February.

Great for skiing.

Dec – 5C to 12C

Jan – 2C to 10C

Feb – 3C to 11C

10 Day Itinerary


Fly into Tokyo and check-in to your hotel. If you arrive in the morning below are some actives to get you settled into Japan.

  • Odaiba futuristic district, one of the newest, most vibrant shopping and entertainment centers of Tokyo
  • Shibuya Crossing. One of the worlds most famous crossings.
  • Yanaka – Just a 40 minute ride away (take the Yamanote line), Yanaka will fascinate you with its fully reconstructed temple, narrow streets and tiled-roof houses. Yanaka is not the most touristic place, which makes it perfect for a peaceful walk, filled with history and past stories.
  • Ueno is walking distance from the Yanaka area. This gorgeous and never-ending Ueno area includes the Ueno Park and Zoo, Tokyo University of Arts, National Museum of Nature and Science, National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan concert hall and more.


  • Just an hour away from Tokyo, get to the Kamakura region by taking the Tokaido Line from Tokyo Station and making one connection at Totsuka Station, by changing to the Yokosuka Line, until you arrive at Kamakura Station.

    The Giant bronze Buddha statue – located on the lands of the Kotokuin temple, it is the second largest Buddha in Japan. It is 13,35m tall and originally built to stand within the grounds of a 13th-century temple. However, natural disasters have destroyed the temple more than once, so the locals decided to let it stand in the open air.

  • Zeniarai Benten Shrine – a magical place, where people (local as well as foreigners) go to wash their money. This means not money laundry but a spiritual experience, a place where the saying goes that whatever you wash in the shrine’s spring, it will double.

  • The Kamakura Beaches – whether you are going in the summer and wish to experience the cultural difference between your home beaches and those of Japan, or you are visiting in the autumn/winter seasons, you shouldn’t miss on the sandy cost Kamakura has to offer.


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  • Day trip to Mt Fuji


  • Travel to Kyoto. Bullet trains takes about 2hrs and 40mins.
  • Visit the Higashiyama District.


  • Day trip to Osaka.
  • Osaka Castle
  • Dotonbori Street one of the best places to eat in the world.


  • Day trip Nara.
  • Nara, deer park, Nara museum (Buddhist art), Nara town a traditional Japanese neighborhood.
  • Todai-jiDaibutsu-Den Hall – large Buddha.
  • Isuien Garden
  • Hōryū-ji Temple


  • Day trip to Miyajima and Hiroshima.
  • Hiroshima – Peace Park – memorial. A-bomb dome
  • Miyajima – Giant torri gate



DAY 10

  • Morning in Kyoto
  • Tokyo Airport